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Network monitoring with flexible prices
Start using Unit Plaform for free for up to 6 months!
Free trial
Pay as you go
The subscription cost follows a prepaid method: you buy credits and use them during the month.
You choose which features you intend to use, estimate how much you're going to spend and acquire credits to use on the platform.
What do you want to monitor?
Local infrastructureAWS infrastructure

5 Devices
R$ -/ month
Free trial

How does the free trial work?

When you start a free trial, you get R$ 20 per month worth of credits to spend on Unit Platform for up to 6 months. With these credits, you can use any feature of the plaform, without being restricted by plans or quantities

How does the payment work?

The payment is processed within Unit Plaform. You only need to access the "Buy credits" page, fill in the amount of credits you wish to buy and choose a payment method. We accept payment by credit card and bank slips.


The payment is described in detail in our documentation. If you still have questions, please contact us!

Unit Platform is also available for use on-premises. Contact us to know more:

Contact us
* The price presented is an estimate. The real cost can vary according to the usage of the system.
The price estimate is calculated according to the following conditions: the devices are monitored every 5 minutes and inventoried every 30 minutes, the EBS volumes and EC2 instances are moniored every 10 minutes. Business Metrics usage costs are not included in the estimate.
For a more detailed cost estimate, use the calculator available inside Unit Plaform.

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